Sleeper Cell: Money (2005)

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Ray (James LeGros) has to defend Darwyn (Michael Ealy) and explain the shooting of Bobby Habib to his bosses, who are considering ending the operation and making an arrest immediately. Darwyn apologizes to Gayle (Melissa Sagemiller) for standing her up, but he is forced to continue to lie to her. Farik (Oded Fehr) tells the cell that their funding in Mexico has hit a snag, and because Darwyn and Christian (Alex Nesic) speak Spanish, he takes them down there with him to straighten things out. Farik has to deal with a drug dealer/gun runner/pimp named Felix (Eduardo Yáñez) who wants a much bigger cut of the profits, and knows exactly what Farik is using the money for. Darwyn is appalled to learn that Felix is kidnapping underage children to sell to depraved tourists, and demands that Farik put a stop to it. On returning to the U.S., Darwyn is intercepted by Ray, who tells him that the operation was going to be shut down until the bureau discovered the existence of two more potential cells in Washington and New York.