Sleeper Cell: Intramural (2005)

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Darwyn (Michael Ealy) watches Ray's funeral from a distance. Thanks to Gayle (Melissa Sagemiller), Darwyn's now being watched by an overzealous LAPD detective, Moss (Michael Cudlitz of Band of Brothers). The LAPD talk to one of Darwyn's fellow inmates, who eventually manages to get word back to Farik (Oded Fehr) that the police are interested. SA Patrice Serxner (Sonya Walger) takes over as Darwyn's handler, and immediately rubs him the wrong way by criticizing Ray's work. She also upbraids him for going to Ray's funeral, but Darwyn. Ignoring her, Darwyn pays a consoling visit to Ray's widow. Moss gets a warrant and has Darwyn's apartment searched while he's out, and the cops are sloppy enough that Darwyn knows someone was there. He confronts Serxner about it, and she eventually discovers that the LAPD is watching Darwyn. She tells them to terminate their investigation. They think it's about turf, so they don't listen. Farik finds out that it was Gayle who put the cops on Darwyn, and uses a cattle prod on Darwyn to find out what he told her. Darwyn convinces Farik that he didn't tell her anything, but Farik still pays a visit to Gayle. Later, as Farik and the crew are meeting with a gang of white supremacists, dealing Afghan heroin in exchange for explosives, the LAPD decides to move in.