Sleeper Cell: Hijack (2005)

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Darwyn (Michael Ealy) and Farik (Oded Fehr) track Jim (Brad Greenquist), a trucker who is carrying a shipment of phosgene from Los Angeles to Newark. They intercept him when he stops at a motel to do business with a hooker. Pretending to be cops, they take Jim prisoner. Farik wires an explosive device to the truck, "just in case," so Darwyn has to surreptitiously phone his handlers to make sure they know to let the truck through. They bring Jim back to the warehouse, where Farik threatens to hurt his wife and child if Jim doesn't make daily calls to his dispatcher to tell them he is en route. Patrice (Sonya Walger) learns more about Farik's background from a captured terrorist. Farik gets an urgent call from his wife, Samia (Susan Pari), who has surprised him by coming to L.A. Darwyn convinces Farik to let the cell members have one last night on the town while he's away. Tommy (Blake Shields) agrees to stay behind to guard Jim. Christian (Alex Nesic) goes to a strip club before phoning his wife to leave a tearful goodbye message. Ilija (Henri Lubatti) goes to a karaoke bar for one last tribute to A Tribe Called Quest. Darwyn meets up with Patrice, and tells her the phosgene attack will take place on a Muslim holy day in two days, but he's still not sure of the location. Meanwhile, Farik begs his wife to let him do his "duty." "You're the only person who has a hope in hell of making me change my mind," he tells her, "and I can't." Later, Farik reveals the target, Dodger Stadium, and explains that simultaneous attacks will take place in two other cities. Darwyn also finds out he got the calendar wrong. The attack will take place tomorrow.