Sleeper Cell: Al-Faitha (2005)

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Darwyn Al-Sayeed (Michael Ealy) is an FBI agent working deep undercover. He's been posing as a prisoner, and on his release, a radical Islamic mentor (Martin Dorsla) gives Darwyn an address that turns out to be a synagogue, where he finds Farik (Oded Fehr), who is posing as a Jew, but is actually the leader of a terrorist Sleeper Cell, who says he's "putting together a team of holy warriors--believers who are prepared to strike without warning, without pity." That night, Darwyn is met by cell member Bobby Habib (screenwriter/actor Grant Heslov of Good Night, and Good Luck) and they are assigned surveillance on a local Muslim girl who sneaks out of her house to go to a frat party. Bobby is an affable wisecracking sort of guy, and invites Darwyn to his little daughter's birthday party that weekend. There, he meets Bobby's attractive neighbor, Gayle (Melissa Sagemiller), a single mom. They seem to click, and Darwyn lets her know quickly that he's an ex-con trying to get his life together. She still seems interested. Later that day, Darwyn meets with the other members of the cell. Christian (Alex Nesic) is a French former skinhead. Tommy (Blake Shields) looks like the All-American boy, and is a Qu'ran scholar. Ilija (Henri Lubatti) is from Bosnia, and tells Darwyn how his family was murdered by the Serbs, and he was then found and raised by the Mujahideen. "I loved America, man" he tells Darwyn, "but you never came. Not for us." Later that night, Darwyn, against his better judgement, sees Gayle again. They see a news story that reveals the purpose of his "surveillance" mission. He's called away when Farik stages an emergency meeting out in the desert, and announces that there's a traitor in the group.