Skin Striperess (1992)

Countries - United States   |   MPAA Rating - NR
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Billy Chan Wui-ngai directs this low-budget horror flick. Lau (Billy Lau Nam-kwong) is a sleazy land developer who manages to finagle a plum deal -- a massive resort on an untouched island paradise. In exchange, Lau offers the local landowner one night of passion with a gorgeous movie star named Chi (Chan Wing-chi) who owes Lau a debt for helping her family out of mainland China. Unfortunately, before the "transaction" can commence, Chi is horribly fried by a downed power line. Charred beyond the aid of normal plastic surgery, Chi is made whole again through a nefarious ritual performed by an evil priest. In preparation, Lau finds and kills a young woman of roughly the same size as Chi, flays the body and dumps the corpse. Though the woman's skin nicely fuses with that of Chi, the woman's soul is more than a little miffed. When a group of thick-witted teens urinates on her grave, the victim returns to this world as a vengeful ghost ripping the skin off of all who come near.