Sisters: Season 06 (1995)

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The sixth and final season of Sisters opens with the series' 100th episode, in which longtime regular Julianne Phillips is conspicuous by her absence. To compensate for Phillips' departure, the writers explain that her character, Frankie Reed, has left her hometown of Winnetka to pursue new business opportunities in Japan. However, Frankie's siblings, Alex (Swoosie Kurtz), Georgie (Patricia Kalember), and Teddy (Sela Ward), are still very much in evidence -- as is the ladies' half-sister, Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett, played in previous seasons by Jo Anderson and now portrayed by Sheila Kelley. This season marks the first appearance of Noelle Parker as Alex's daughter, Reed, a role previously filled by Kathy Wagner and Ashley Judd. Returning to Winnetka minus her husband and her baby, the restless Reed adds to the already heavy emotional burdens of her family by setting up a local prostitution business! Elsewhere, Alex, who has held down a popular TV show for the last few seasons, endeavors to help her lesbian producer, Norma (Nora Dunn), regain custody of her daughter; she also endures a lengthy menopause, and survives an involuntary on-the-air teaming with compative newspaperman Pug Finnegan (Bruce Weitz). Meanwhile, the newly divorced Georgie has an affair with Brian Cordovas (Joe Flanigan) and finds time to get a graduate college degree, writing her master's thesis on the lives of herself and her sisters (though she prudently agrees not to publish it). Georgie's son Trevor (Ryan Francis), back home from the army, has a lot of trouble adjusting himself to Brian. Having recovered from her brutal rape two seasons earlier, Teddy's daughter, Cat (Heather McAdam), has decided to become a police officer, ending up as the only woman in her cadet class. Growing close to fellow cadet Billy Griffin (Eric Close), Cat tries to help him with his problems vis-à-vis his ex-convict father. Later, Cat's cousin Reed is arrested and her prostitution business broken up, and Reed bitterly holds Cat responsible for ratting her out -- but changes her mind, and her outlook on life, when she is sentenced to community service. And in another development, Cat personally hunts down the carjacker who attacked and nearly killed her mother, Teddy. It is during her recovery from this attack that Teddy falls in love with Dr. Gabriel Sorenson (Stephen Collins), who saved her life. Although she worries about making a full-term commitment to Sorenson upon learning that his daughter, Melissa (Anne Tremko), has a drinking problem, Teddy marries Sorenson, and later saves his career when he is unfairly accused of malpractice -- and, almost as an afterthought, Teddy becomes pregnant again. In the series' final episode, the sisters' mother, Bea (Elizabeth Hoffman), dies of heart failure -- and is everyone in for a surprise when they find out who has been named executor of Bea's will!