Sins of St. Anthony (1920)

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Bryant Washburn excels in this entertaining light comedy. Anthony Osgood is a medical scientist who spends all his time in his laboratory and has almost no awareness of the outside world. Somehow he has managed to acquire a fiancée, Persis Meade (Lorenza Lazzarini), but she also happens to be corresponding with a certain Lieutenant Humphrey Smith. Smith -- or rather, an impostor claiming to be Smith -- shows up, and Osgood berates Persis for her flirtation. She replies by insisting that perhaps Osgood is too prudish for her. To cheer him up, Valerie Vincent, a worldly widow (Viora Daniels), tells him he should lead a more adventuresome life. So Osgood asks dancer Jeanette Adair (Margaret Loomis) for a makeover and she is more than happy to oblige. She sends him to the barber and a tailor and the change is remarkable. It turns out that the phony Lieutenant Smith is a jewel thief, but Osgood stops him before he can make off with Persis' valuables. But along the way he realizes he loves Jeanette and goes to her, while Persis discovers that the real Lieutenant Smith, who she claims to love, has six children.