Sins of Her Parent (1916)

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Richard Carver (Carl Von Schiller) and Adrian Courtney (Gladys Brockwell) are in love, but Richard's father Robert (William Clifford) won't allow them to marry because he does not know Adrian's origins. So Richard begins a search for Adrian's parentage which brings him to a mining camp in Alaska. There he finds Adrian's mother, Valerie Marchmont (Brockwell again), who everyone had assumed was dead. She has been working in a dance hall to pay for her daughter's education the whole time. There, Richard is wounded in a fight, and Adrian and Robert are sent for. When they arrive, Carver recognizes Valerie -- although she came from a poor family, she had secretly married Arthur Heatherway (George Webb), a member of the Southern elite. Adrian is kidnapped by the town's saloon keeper. She is rescued in the nick of time. In the battle, however, Valerie is fatally wounded, but not before she kills the saloon keeper. Although this throws a pall over the proceedings, the ending is still relatively happy because Robert, seeing that Adrian has some sort of aristocratic blood in her, decides that a union between her and his son is all right after all.