Sin Woman (1917)

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As illustrated in a lengthy prologue, Ruth (Irene Fenwick) is merely the latest of a long line of wicked women. She vamps a string of men in New York, then goes to the mountains in an attempt to evade the law, where she meets her next victim when her sleigh is overturned. The happily married John Winthrop (Clifford Bruce) picks her up out of the snow and carries her to a shack, where they are stranded for the night. Winthrop resists Ruth's feminine wiles, but she persists and eventually wins him over. He takes her to another mountain, but when he returns to the village for supplies and to write a letter to his wife (Reine Davies), he finds out that Ruth is not the innocent young girl he thought she was. Ruth's past having caught up with her, the villagers form a posse to tar and feather the hussy, and Winthrop returns to his wife. This picture was supervised by theater producer (George Lederer), who was married to co-star Reine Davies -- who happened to be the sister of future film star Marion Davies.