Silent Pal (1925)

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Produced by poverty row company Gotham (proprietor: Sam Sax), this minor dog melodrama featured yet another of Rin-Tin-Tin's many imitators, Thunder. College student David Kingston (Eddie Phillips) is falsely accused of theft and finds himself expelled from school. David is prevented from committing suicide by his pup Thunder, "The Silent Pal," who locates a map over secret gold. On their way to the mine, Thunder finds himself falsely accused of killing sheep, and a crooked mining engineer, Randall Phillips (Colin Kenny), attempts to steal the map. David and Thunder locate the mine unaware that Phillips has dabbled in a bit of sabotage. The explosion, however, literally blows up in the villain's face while exposing a vein of gold. Leading man Eddie Phillips later starred in Universal's popular "Collegians" comedy shorts.