Silent Lady (1917)

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The Silent Lady was another in a series of successful creative collaborations between child star Zoe Rae and director Elsie Jane Wilson. Rehashing an old plotline, the story revolves around a cherubic little girl (Rae) and her three self-appointed foster fathers. The trio of "daddies" are the joint owners of a lighthouse, where the kid is allowed to roam wild and free. When the girl falls ill, the local doctor suspects that she may have succumbed to typhoid fever and appoints a pretty but mysteriously aloof nurse to look after the child. That there is more to this nurse than meets the eye is made obvious when, upon learning that a government inspector is due to arrive on shore momentarily, she suddenly douses the lighthouse beacon. Fortunately, the now-recovered little girl relights the lamp, whereupon the inspector arrives safely. It is soon revealed that the nurse despises the inspector because he once broke her heart. About to be arrested for endangering the inspector's life, the nurse is rescued by the doctor, who has been in love with her all along. Her "work" done, Little Miss Fix-It Zoe Rae flashes a smile at the camera as the scene fades.