Sidetracked (1916)

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Once again, this one-reel comedy shows that while big Oliver Hardy and little Billy Ruge were paired up as a team, they didn't have the same type of dynamic as Hardy later on had with Stan Laurel. Here, Runt (Ruge) and Plump (Hardy) don't even know each other. Runt has just gotten married and he and his bride (Melba Andrews) have embarked on their honeymoon. They're on a train, and when Runt heads off to the smoking car for a spell, he falls asleep. The smoking car winds up separated from the car carrying Mrs. Runt, who panics. Plump, a traveling salesman (Hardy), graciously offers to help her and takes her to her hotel. Runt, meanwhile, is having all sorts of difficulties trying to get back on the right track so he can catch up with his wife. When he finally arrives at the hotel, he sees Plump leaving and explodes in a jealous fit. Brandishing a gun, he chases after Plump all over the hotel. When he can't catch him, he returns to his wife and finds that Plump has hidden in their room. Before Runt can do too much damage, everything gets explained.