Should She Obey? (1917)

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Those who made this anti-divorce film weren't sure if they wanted to preach or entertain. It featured a storyline, an allegorical introduction and appearances from Nevada government officials and the heads of the Illinois vice and divorce commission, and was a very tiring two hours long. The basic plot involves two men, William Gordon (Norbert Myles) and Henry Blake (J. Webster Dill). Both get married and have children. Gordon dumps his wife, Lorna (Gene Genung), for an actress, Marie Gibson (Alice Wilson), while Blake mistreats his wife and eventually deserts her. Both wives go to Reno to obtain divorces. Blake's daughter grows up without ever knowing her father, so when she meets up with him later he doesn't recognize her at first. When he realizes who she is, he tries to marry her off to a vulture (Robert Lawlor), but he is stopped by Mrs. Blake and Gordon's grown son (James Harrison). This picture is a curio that is very much of its era.