Ship of Doom (1917)

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Martin Shaw (Monte Blue) and Clara Gove (Claire McDowell) are sweethearts in a little fishing village. When Jeff Whittlesey (Arthur Millet) insults Clara, it brings him and Martin to blows. Whittlesey falls over a cliff and dies, so Martin and Clara leave town. They wind up on a ship whose captain, "Sundown" Shattuck (Frank Brownlee), is a brute. Even though he marries Clara to Martin, he has no respect for the ceremony and tries to attack her. Once again, Martin fights for Clara's honor, but he's no match for Shattuck, who's as burly as he is mean. But while the battle is going on, the crew mutinies, and then the ship catches fire. Martin, Clara, and Shattuck wind up on a lifeboat with some of the crew. But there are too many onboard, and they draw matches to see who goes overboard. Martin is the unlucky one, but he manages to land on an island. Shattuck and Clara end up there too, and Shattuck tries again to take advantage of the girl. This time he's halted for good when he gets stuck in quicksand. A rescue ship comes, but Martin insists on remaining on the island, and Clara stays by her husband's side.