She Was the Other (1914)

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The Riverside Police Force was Lubin's answer to Mack Sennett's Keystone Kops. They were never as good as the Kops, but they get the opportunity to play off an interesting female foil -- Oliver Hardy, playing a woman (as opposed to portraying a man in drag). The chief of police (Ed Lawrence) has gotten fed up with his force; the men are slobs and don't have the neat appearance of real cops. To straighten them out, he informs them that his sister is going to become the station's inspector. But the cops all know Cutie (Hardy), and her presence doesn't inspire them to straighten up in the least. Determined to stay away from her completely, the guys make false arrests and find any excuse to avoid her. Finally they show up on Monday morning, looking worse than ever, and in walks the chief's other sister, pretty Helen (Mabel Paige). The cops all rush to improve their appearance and the chief gets the police force he wants.