She Married for Love (1914)

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This split-reel Lubin comedy shows that the cast of early films often had to be multi-talented. Not only did the stars of this film need comic ability, they also had to have better than average acrobatic skills (in cheaply made pictures such as this one, using a stand-in was completely out of the question). Mrs. Muggs (Pasqualina DeVoe) wants her daughter, Rose (Eva Bell), to marry the church's deacon (Harry Lorraine). Rose, however, has no interest in the deacon and falls in love with acrobat Harry Bounce (Raymond McKee), who is boarding at the Muggs' home. They decide to marry and create a vaudeville team -- the only problem is how to get rid of the deacon. Rose solves the dilemma by performing acrobatics all over town. She does handstands in front of the church, infuriating the minister, who takes it out on the deacon. The last straw is when Rose tightrope-walks across a clothesline. The deacon washes his hands of her and her parents disown her. But Rose makes amends with her family when she and Harry become stage stars. Future comic star Oliver Hardy has a bit part as one of the villagers.