She Hired a Husband (1919)

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By 1918, Priscilla Dean's popularity was quickly growing; however, this comedy is not one of her best efforts. Daphne Trowbridge (Dean) is a contrary young lady who is driving her aunt and uncle (Marion Skinner and Frederick Vroom) mad. Finally they decide to marry her off and they choose Tom Dunstan (Pat O'Malley) -- whose family owns the estate next door -- as a likely prospect. Dunstan is willing, but Daphne turns him down purely because her relatives are so in favor of the match. Dunstan disappears and Daphne's relatives choose another young man who they pretend to hate. Daphne almost falls for it, but just before the wedding, she discovers the truth and calls everything off. At this juncture, she decides to hire a husband in name only just to please her aunt and uncle, and chooses a heavily bearded stranger who she meets at the station. What she doesn't realize is that it's Dunstan, who has been up north looking into his lumber interests. After he shaves off his beard, she is not convinced he is the man she married, so he tells some big lies about the supposed stranger and then disappears up north again. He reappears fully bearded and kidnaps Daphne up to the woods, where he teaches her to be a proper wife. Daphne has loved Dunstan all along anyhow, so when she realizes that he really is the man she wed, she is perfectly happy.