She Came on the Bus (1969)

Genres - Crime  |   Run Time - 63 min.  |  
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A group of wild thrill seekers invade the home of a young suburban housewife. She is injected with drugs and raped by several of the men, while their kick-hungry female companion urges them on. A door-to-door saleswoman makes the mistake of ringing the doorbell, and she receives similar treatment. Bored with this game, the gang steals the housewife's car. While cruising down the highway, they spot a bus, which they decide to hijack. They flag the bus down, then stab the driver to death and take off, smoking joints and laughing. A pair of pretty young women mistakenly board the bus, thinking it will take them downtown for a day of shopping, but instead the crazed hopheads abduct them. While one girl is terrified and attempts to resist her rapist, the other decides to submit to the kidnappers until she can get the upper hand. However, the submissive girl soon realizes that she's excited by her captors and their wild way of life, and she engages in their desperate orgy with gusto. The gang returns briefly to the home of the housewife, where one of the drugged-out punks writes a dirty word on her motionless naked backside with lipstick and gouges out the eyes of a baby doll with his switchblade. Back on the bus, the vicious group pledges to live together forever in their stolen vehicle "and allow the wheels of sex to take them to their desires!"



crime-spree, rape, sex, bus, busing [school integration]