Shall We Forgive Her? (1917)

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In this old-fashioned melodrama, June Elvidge plays Grace Raymond, an innocent country girl with a drunkard of a boyfriend. She goes to a mining town to join boyfriend Neil Garth (Arthur Ashley, who also directed), but she discovers that he has become a lecher on top of being an alcoholic. She has no choice but to stay with him and suffer, until one day, she saves prospector James Stapleton (George MacQuarrie) from death. He gives her some of his gold dust, and she is able to escape and start a new life in New York. She goes to work at a mission run by an old friend, Reverend Paul Ellsworth (Herbert Barrington) and marries Oliver West (John Bowers), who knows nothing of her past. That is rectified, however, by the appearance of Garth. With the encouragement of West's former sweetheart, Joan (Alexandria Carewe), he makes sure that Grace's past is revealed. The shock renders West blind, and he sends Grace away. Meanwhile, Grace has become an author and saved up enough money for an operation to restore her husband's sight. She calls on her old friend Stapleton, who forces Garth to tell West the whole truth, which proves Grace to be the wronged party. Through the aid of a surgeon, West gets his sight back, and he reunites with Grace.