Shadows from the Past (1915)

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aka Shadows of the Past In this Edison four-reeler, Mary Fitz Allen (Mabel Trunelle) falls in love with a soldier who is forced to flee after a barroom fight. She bears his child, but her mother (Helen Strickland) takes it away and claims it has died. The soldier dies on a ship and Mary is talked into marrying the much older Lord Lester (Bigelow Cooper). The marriage turns out to be a happy one until the appearance fifteen years later of Jardon (Marc MacDermott), a rejected suitor of Mary's. He shows her an old letter which reveals her past, hoping that it will coerce her into returning to him. But Mary storms off and his jealous mistress, Babbette, kills him. The letter, still clutched in his hand, points to Mary as the murderer. But Babbette confesses and Lord Lester forgives his wife's past and welcomes her back into his life. This kind of melodramatic, woman-wronged stuff was dated even in 1915.