Shadow of Chinatown: Chapter 07 - The Noose (1936)

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A table comes between the sword thrower and Martin Andrews (Herman Brix) and the latter is able to rescue Joan Whiting (Joan Barclay) from her imprisonment. Meanwhile, Sonya Rokoff (Luana Walters) persuades Victor Poten (Bela Lugosi) to leave San Francisco for Los Angeles but the couple is tailed by Willy Fu (Maurice Liu), the detective Wong (James B. Leong) and Andrews. Also along for the ride is Joan, whose editor, Harrison (Roger Williams), has received an anonymous tip on Rokoff's sudden departure. Onboard the steamship bound for Los Angeles, a disgruntled Grogan (Charles King) fails in his attempt to execute the increasingly mad Poten with a homemade noose. Using Grogan's mistake to his own benefit, Poten hypnotizes Martin Andrews, dresses him in his, Poten's, clothes and sends him straight into Grogan's waiting wire.