Shackles of Truth (1917)

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This soap opera-like drama starred William Russell. Gerard Hale (Russell) and Luther Smith (Al Vosburgh) work at the same law firm, and are rivals in both career and love. The object of their affection is Marion Coningsby (Francelia Billington), the daughter of the governor. A seat for the U.S. Senate has been left vacant, and the governor is preparing to throw his support to either Hale or Smith. Smith sees his chance to ruin Hale with the arrival of Tom Shores (George Ahearn) and his sister, Mary (Adda Gleason). Shores has just been released from prison to discover that Mary has given birth to a child out of wedlock. The father is Hale's dad, George Sr., who had recently died. Smith uses the situation to force Hale to right his father's wrong. Hale's mother is frail and ill. The shock of knowing that her adored, dead husband was unfaithful could kill her, so Hale claims that he himself is the father. Mrs. Hale insists that he wed Mary right away and they are about to go through with it. Fortunately Mrs. Hale suddenly dies, and her son is able to win both Marion and the senate seat.