Seamróg and Swastica (Part II) (2002)

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This second part of TG4's documentary series Seamróg and Swastica (The Shamrock and Swastika) opens with Irishmen arriving in Spain to fight for and against the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War. This schizophrenic involvement in the conflict is rendered as a parallel to the political chaos unfolding in Ireland at the same time: Prime Minister Eamon de Valera finalizes a breakaway from England whilst crafting a neutrality policy to help the British, thus splintering and radicalizing the Irish republican movement. Veterans of elite German forces are interviewed about intelligence operations on Irish soil, all with the aim of invading England, all of them failures. The series concludes with the doomed mission of Irish radicals Sean Russell and Frank Ryan to reorganize Irish republican groups under the auspices of the Third Reich.