Sea Dogs (1916)

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This Plump (Oliver Hardy) and Runt (Billy Ruge) comedy fits a lot of story into just one reel. It also features pretty Ray Godfrey, who had just arrived at the Vim studios. Plump and Runt are awakened from a nap by several sailors who offer them work. The lazy duo immediately turn them down and go back to sleep. A few days later they wake up and discover they've been shanghaied. Horrified at the thought that they might be forced into labor, they leap overboard and head for the nearest island. Living on the island is a shipwrecked family who takes them in. Their easy lifestyle suits Plump and Runt, and the guys marry the family's daughters. A boat washes up on shore and the family decides to return to civilization. Since the boat doesn't have any oars, they have Plump tow the boat to the mainland. The people on the shore are amazed to see the boat heading their way of its own volition -- until they spy Plump, pulling the boat with a rope, emerging from the water.