Scar Tissue

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Scar Tissue embodies the fifth volume in the "OntheMat" series of video magazines dedicated to exploring and documenting contemporary trends and techniques in various forms of martial arts. This issue features nine tangentially-related segments. It opens on an interview with Darrell Gholar, the five-star wrestling coach notorious for teaching the "high-crotch move" in submission grappling; it then segues into interview footage and performance clips of judo black belt Tulio Perrone; shifts focus to an interview with Mike Fowler, the Lloyd Irving purple belt, Grappler's Quest victor, and master of the Grappling Blueprint; travels to Rocinha, a Brazilian ghetto where street kids spend their days mastering Brazilian jiu jitsu to expend the aggression that they would otherwise use on the gritty and violent streets; cuts to the Barra Boys -- Igor Gracie, Ryan Gracie, Cachinho, and Gorghino -- who engage in no-gi martial arts in Rio de Janeiro; and investigates the electrifying martial arts system 'Crossfit,' via a meeting with its founder, Greg Glassman, and three of its basic exercises, illustrated by the fighters B.J. Penn, Tony de Souza, Garth Taylor, and Cabbage. In the seventh segment, an interview with Tony de Souza has the fighter illustrating, for the at-home audience, how to choke someone with a front headlock. The final two segments feature judo master David Camrillo taking the number one Australian Judoka in a head-to-head match at the U.S. Judo nationals, and Jeremy Horn going one on one with Caio Malta in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.