Save the Ship (1923)

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Stan Laurel stars in this one-reel Hal Roach comedy, which seems to be based on a similar premise as Buster Keaton's classic two-reeler, The Boat, and, in its own way, is nearly as surreal. Stan takes his wife (Marie Mosquini) and in-laws out sailing on a strange little raft -- a tent is pitched on one side and vegetables are growing on the other. There are the expected mishaps: when casting a fishing line, Stan catches the seat of his pants and nearly throws himself overboard, then he runs afoul of both his mother-in-law and some flying fish. When he starts shooting a gun in order to catch one of the latter, he causes the little craft to sink. The family is rescued by another boat; Stan and his father-in-law (Mark Jones) are relegated to a lifeboat, which is pulled behind. Because of a fire started by the father-in-law, the lifeboat sinks. Stan continues to play solitaire as everything around him goes under (the cards remain on the water's surface). Finally a swordfish pierces his lifesaver, ending his game.