Savages of the Sea (1925)

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Stuntman and former gymnast Frank Merrill stars in this low-budget action picture. Silent Saunders (Merrill) stows away on a yacht that wrecks. The yacht's owner, Daniel Rawley (Melbourne McDowell), his daughter Stella (Dorothy Wood), and Saunders all find refuge on a desert island. Saunders' physical prowess proves to be very useful, and a romance springs up between him and Stella. The small party is rescued by a sailing ship that has been taken over by a mutinous crew. Their leader, Black Brock (Clarence Burton), imprisons Rawley and tries to have his way with Stella. Of course, he has Saunders to contend with so he doesn't get very far. But the story isn't over yet -- it turns out that Rawley is Saunders' long-lost father. This seems to mark the end of the stowaway's romance with Stella, except that Rawley confesses that the girl is adopted. This convenient bit of news enables the couple to continue their love affair.