Saint Seiya [Anime Series] (1986)

Genres - Adventure, Fantasy  |   Sub-Genres - Anime, Fantasy Adventure  |   Run Time - 30 min.  |   Countries - Japan  |  
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Legend says that every 200 years, a great evil regains the strength to return to Earth and vie for domination. When this prophetic event occurs, the goddess Athena is incarnated as well, to dwell on Earth and oversee the vanquishing of the evil once more. She is aided and protected by the Saints; a group of five magical warriors, each baring the crest of a particular constellation. The infamous moment is now upon Athena and the Saints and so, taking the form of a young girl named Saori Kido, the spirit of Athena returns to Earth and the battle begins again. A young warrior named Seiya has just finished the training he's needed to become a Saint and is now ready to fight for another 200 years of peace and good. A heavily edited version of Saint Seiya was broadcast in the US in 2003 on the Cartoon Network under the name Knights of the Zodiac with an entirely new vocal cast, new musical soundtrack, parts of the story taken out, and most of the violent scenes deleted. This version was also released on DVD under this name while the uncut original version was released on DVD under the original name. The editing process did not result in a different sequence or number of episodes, as is frequently the case when anime series are reworked for US television, however the episode titles for the Knights of the Zodiac releases are slightly different from the episode titles on the Saint Seiya releases.



evil, goddess [mythological], prophecy