Rustling a Bride (1919)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

A new school teacher has arrived in Coyote Junction and a group of cowboys are at the station, helping her with her luggage. One of them, Nick McCredie (Monte Blue), opens up a book and finds in it a girl's name and address, plus an inscription referring to her as "the prettiest girl in school." Intrigued, Nick writes to the girl, Emily (Lila Lee), but instead of his own picture, he encloses a photograph of Pen Walton (L.C. Shumway), the handsomest man in the Junction. Unfortunately, Walton is also a snake and a horse thief. Emily is lonely in the town where she lives, so she writes back to Nick and they find a rapport. Eventually she agrees to come and marry him. Nick, knowing the jig is up, meets her at the station but tells her he is only the hired hand, then puts her on a stage back home. The coach is held up by Walton -- who Emily recognizes from his photo -- and he runs off with her, taking her to a deserted shack. Nick, meanwhile, has been mistaken for a horse thief, courtesy of Walton's machinations. While he is evading lynchers, Emily extricates herself from Walton's clutches, lets loose all the horses he has stolen and thus saves Nick. With the mistaken identity solved, Emily and Nick are married.