Rummy (1916)

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The reason that the Rummy (Wilfred Lucas) has descended into the depths of alcoholism is revealed in flashback form: Just a year earlier, he was a crack newspaper reporter and had married a girl (Pauline Stark) whom he had met when she was being charged with solicitation in night court. She flourishes after they are wed, and attracts the interest of the paper's corrupt political boss. He convinces her to meet with him under false pretenses and then attacks her. Her husband catches them together, believes she is at fault and throws her back out onto the streets. After that, his hard drinking starts and he loses his job. But just when his life seems completely hopeless, he gets a tip that helps him expose the corrupt boss. This develops into a big story, and he gets his job at the paper back. Along the way he finds out his wife was innocent, and they reunite.