Romance of Billy Goat Hill (1916)

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A Southern belle, known by her servants as Miss Lady (Myrtle Gonzalez), is being courted by Don Morley (Val Paul). His wild ways, however, do not impress her father. Then one day Don and his friend Lee Dillingham (Fred Church) go to a saloon, where Dillingham shoots the proprietor, Sheely (Jack Curtis), wounding him. With only a mute boy, Chick, witnessing the attack, and Don out of town, it is easy for Dillingham to pin the assault on his pal. Miss Lady's father, Colonel Bob Carsey (George Hernandez) forbids Miss Lady to have any contact with Don until he is cleared. Don winds up in the Orient, while a train wreck kills the Colonel and injures his friend, Professor Querrington (Thomas Jefferson). The Professor falls in love with Miss Lady, and since she finds herself in dire financial straits, she marries him. When word of the marriage reaches Don, he is heartbroken and decides to remain in the Far East. But Miss Lady is woefully neglected and she discovers that Dillingham tricked Don. A mutual friend tells Don about Miss Lady's troubles, and he returns home. He is advised to sell the stock he owns in a bank. Querrington doesn't get the same advice and as a result, he loses his fortune, which eventually kills him. Miss Lady, who has adopted Chick, has him operated on so that his speech will return. Now able to talk, Chick tells the story of what happened in the saloon and clears Don's name. After a lot of time, trouble and film footage, Don is reunited with his Miss Lady. This convoluted comedy-drama was based on the novel by Alice Hegan Rice.