Romance of a Million Dollars (1926)

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The title Romance of a Million has precisely nothing to do with the plot. Glenn Hunter stars as a lifelong reformatory inmate who is sprung by his millionaire uncle. This does not sit well with the old boy's other nephew Gaston Glass, who assumed that he was in line to inherit the family fortune. Uncle arranges for both Hunter and Glass to receive $500,000 each, on the proviso that if either nephew brings disgrace to the family, he will automatically forfeit his money. Naturally, Glass turns out to be the more dishonest of the two, sneakily arranging for Hunter to get in trouble by planting stolen items in the latter's bedroom. Glass even goes so far as to disguise himself as a Russian countess (!) to coerce Hunter into selling the stolen goods. But the villain is hoist on his own petard through the intervention of Hunter's clever sweetheart Alyce Mills.



dishonorable-discharge, greed, inheritance, inmate, millionaire, nephew, reformatory