Robotech Macross Saga: Spacefold (1985)

Genres - Children's/Family, Science Fiction  |   Run Time - 23 min.  |  
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Rick is in shock after the stress of the attacks and the horror of seeing the Zentraedi warrior gunned down before his eyes. Roy recovers Rick and Minmei from the damaged Veritech fighter and returns them to the orbiting SDF-1, where an embarrassed Lisa Hayes has discovered that Rick, whom she had ordered into combat, is a civilian. Once onboard, Roy reunites Rick with his plane, so that he can return Minmei to her home when things have cooled down. As the SDF-1 attempts a rendezvous with the rest of the fleet, the Zentraedi open fire -- obliterating the rest of the fleet while leaving the fortress untouched. Captain Gloval prepares to try a desperate maneuver, bringing the SDF-1 back down above Macross Island in an attempt to execute a hyperspace fold to jump behind the Zentraedi fleet. As the ship descends, Rick decides to fly Minmei down to the shelter so she can be with her family. The SDF-1 executes the fold, but things go horribly wrong -- the SDF-1, Rick's plane, and a large chunk of the island are instantly transported to the far side of Pluto. As Rick docks in a remote section of the fortress, the crew try to understand how they're going to get everyone home...especially since the warp fold mechanism has vanished into thin air.



alien [not human], android, robot