Robotech : Episode 060 (1985)

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Time is running out for the 15th Squadron, the Robotech Masters, and the Earth. General Emerson is dead, and the 15th Squadron has joined up with Marie Crystal and another officer in an effort to get out of the Robotech Masters' ship. Much to Sergeant Dante's irritation, Dana Sterling decides to go off in search of Zor, while Musica and Bowie try to find a way to get her people off the ship before they're killed by attacking Earth forces or the Robotech Masters themselves. Zor, piloting his red bioroid, cuts a swath of destruction through the Robotech Masters' bioroids, intending to confront the Masters and fight them to the death. Dana finds Zor, and, over his objections, helps him in his quest -- both hoping they can stop the Masters before they can regain the protoculture, and before the spores from the Flower of Life spread and summon the Invid.