Robotech : Daydreamer (1985)

Run Time - 30 min.  |   Countries - United States   |  
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Zor has broken free of the Robotech Masters' control, in the wake of his escape destroyed the Masters' flagship. Musica has also escaped the Robotech Masters' influence, choosing to come back to Earth with Bowie Grant. The 15th Squadron sneaks Musica onto Earth, not wanting to subject her to the Global Military Police's tests and interrogations. The Robotech Masters fret over Musica's defection, as it is a symptom of increasingly irrational behavior among their people. Worse still, their protoculture reserves are being infected by the Invid Flower of Life, not only tainting their supply but also heralding the coming of the feared Invid. On Earth, Zor and Musica discover that adjusting to their new reality isn't as easy as they thought. Musica feels disoriented by being separated from her sisters. Zor feels out of place and can't even trust his own senses -- ultimately betraying Musica's existence to Nova Satori and the Global Military Police.