Road to France (1918)

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During World War I, when the chairman of the U.S. shipping board declared that he wanted America to know that his industry was building the road to France, World Pictures stepped forward and made this film. It begins with one of those poor souls who has hit bottom because of his drinking (a common character in films of the 1910s). Tom Whitney (Carlyle Blackwell) figures he might as well end it all, but a policeman halts his suicide attempt. When the cop finds out that Tom has been exempted from the draft because of an old injury, he suggests that he work for the shipyards, where help is also needed. So Tom goes to work at the yard of John Beamis (Jack Drumier), the father of his former fiancee Helen (Evelyn Greeley). Helen had broken up with him because of a drunken party where he ended up married to a strange girl named Mollie (Muriel Ostriche). Tom turns his life around at the shipyard, becoming one of its most valuable employees. He discovers that three men there, Burns (Henry West), Kraus (Alex Shannon) and Winter (Richard Neill) are German spies who are trying to undermine the labor at the yard. One of the spies kills Beamis and tries to pin the murder on Tom, but Tom, in league with the Secret Service, tricks him into confessing. Then it is discovered that Winter is actually Mollie's husband, so Tom is free to reunite with Helen. Together they watch the launch of the ship "Liberty," which Tom helped to build.