Rivals (1925)

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While comedian Billy West was producing the "Mirthquake" comedies starring Oliver Hardy and Bobby Ray, he would occasionally borrow Hardy for one of his own pictures. In this two-reeler, West and Hardy are rivals for the affection of Ethlyn Gibson. The two men spend most of the film trying to foil each other's attempts to court the girl. Finally she accepts West's proposal, but while she's waiting at the church, she strikes up a flirtation with another man. Meanwhile, Hardy and his pals have kidnapped West, stripped him of his pants, and left him in the middle of town. After panicked attempts to hide and elude a policeman, West finally steals his rival's pants and heads for the church. He arrives just in time to see that his girl has thrown him over for the flirting stranger. Quite a few gags in this comedy were lifted from Larry Semon's film Lightning Love.