Rimrock Jones (1918)

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Rimrock Jones (Wallace Reid) is the toughest and most likeable prospector in a thriving Arizona copper camp. Having already been cheated out of several valuable copper strikes, Rimrock nonetheless forges ahead optimistically, hoping to strike it rich just once more. Unfortunately, he can't find anyone to finance his latest expedition -- except for a pretty public stenographer (Ann Little) who uses her life savings to grubstake our hero. When Rimrock finally hits pay dirt, he tries to repay the girl for her generosity, only to find that she wants to be a full partner in his copper mine. While he mulls this over, Rimrock's rivals try to bamboozle him out of his mine with the help of a sexy "vamp" (Edna Mae Cooper). At the villainess' behest, he heads to New York and tries to play the stock market, with disastrous results. In his absence, Rimrock's enemies attempt to lay claim to his mine, but once again he is saved by the resourceful girl stenographer. And when he returns to Arizona without a penny in his pocket, it is the heroine who restores his fortune and faith in mankind, a "grand gesture" that results in a happy marriage.