Rich Men's Wives (1922)

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For a director with less-than-stellar talents, Louis J. Gasnier certainly led a charmed life for a while, something attested to by this picture. Gasnier did a mediocre (at best) job on this cliched film, which should have been a mere programmer but wound up being a 6,500 feet "special," one that wasted the talents of Claire Windsor and House Peters. What's more, it was "presented by" B.P. Schulberg who later discovered Clara Bow. Peters plays the ill-tempered John Masters, who is none too pleased when another man chases after his wife, Gay (Windsor). He believes the two are having an affair, so he tosses Gay out of the house and tells their child ("Baby" Richard Hedrick) that she is dead. This doesn't stop Gay from coming by the house so the boy (who believes she's a ghost) can kiss her through the front door's glass -- an especially heart-wrenching touch. Things come to a head when grouchy Masters decides to loosen up and throw a party. Somehow he is talked into dressing up his little boy as Cupid and having him do a dance in a fountain. At this juncture, Gay appears, convinced that this will make her child sick. She angrily throws the revelers out of the house, and Masters begs for forgiveness.



child, custody, custody-battle, divorce, extramarital-affair, love, party, reunion, second-chance