Return of Maurice Donnelly (1915)

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This picture was one of several made in the mid-1910s that addressed capital punishment, but it has quite an unusual twist. Maurice Donnelly (Leo Delany) sinks from his position as a promising lawyer to become an associate of the underworld. While breaking into a house, he runs into Edith Dent, a former fellow law student (Leah Baird). She convinces him to reform, which angers his criminal pals. They pin a murder charge on him, and in spite of Edith's attempts to represent him, he is convicted. All appeals are in vain an d after he says good-bye to Edith and his mother (Mary Maurice) he goes to the electric chair. But there's more -- Edith gets permission to take his lifeless body to a scientist who is known for brining animals back to life with the help of electricity. The scientist does his magic, and Donnelly comes back to life. He accompanies Edith and the police to visit his former associates. Donnelly's return from the dead shocks them into confessing to the murder. Donnelly and Edith marry, and the crooks get their due.