Restless Sex (1920)

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When publisher and producer William Randolph Hearst was putting together a picture for his mistress, the pretty and highly underrated actress Marion Davies, he tried to make sure she had the best. This time around, the film featured direction by the highly capable Robert Z. Leonard and a story by Robert W. Chambers, a very popular writer of the day. Unfortunately, the film's plot didn't live up to the standards set by its author. As the film's title indicates, Stephanie Cleland (Davies) is a restless, adventurous young woman. She can't decide who she really loves, her foster brother and childhood sweetheart, Jim (Ralph Kellard) or art student Oswald Grismer (Carlyle Blackwell). Jim, an aspiring author, goes to Paris. While he is away, Stephanie and Oswald find themselves in a compromising position, and even though they are innocent, they are compelled to marry. The marriage, however, is in name only -- Stephanie tells him that if she finds that she loves him in a year's time, they can then live together. But Jim hears of the marriage and returns home. Jim and Stephanie find that they really do love each other, and Oswald falls off a train and dies, so now nothing stands in their way.