Refuge (1923)

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Katherine MacDonald was known more for her beauty than her acting talents; luckily the action of this Graustarkian romance was strong enough to cover anything lacking in her performance. Prince Ferdinand of Moravia actually has no right to the throne -- the real prince has gone to America -- but he hopes that his marriage to Countess Nadia (MacDonald) will halt the conspiracy against him. Nadia, however, has no desire to marry him and escapes with Gustav Kenski (Fred Malatesta), whom she plans to quickly wed and then leave. But they encounter a spy of Ferdinand's who knocks Kenski unconscious. Nadia, thinking he is dead, quickly grabs a French soldier named Gene (Hugh Thompson) and gets him to marry her. When they return to the palace, Kenski reappears, and Ferdinand has him killed, then abducts Nadia. Gene follows and engages in a fierce battle with Ferdinand. He's getting the worst of it when help arrives. It's then revealed that Gene is the real prince, and he and Nadia are able to rule over Moravia together.



marriage, marriage-arranged, princess, soldier