Redemption of Dave Darcey (1916)

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During World War I, films involving the bombing of a munitions factory were a dime a dozen, but this one at least had a few unusual twists. Dave Darcey, a thief (James Morrison), gets in a fight with a rival gang leader, Paddy Burns (Dan Hayes), and thinks he has killed him. In the midst of his escape, Darcey is befriended by Philip Benton (Emanuel A. Turner), who convinces his father (John Costello) to give the ex-crook a job at his munitions factory. The Baroness Von Ehrenstein (Billie Billings) is an enemy secret agent, but she pretends to be a novelist so that she and her compatriots can gain admittance to the factory. She intrigues Philip, who begins to neglect his fiancée, Grace Harrington (Belle Bruce). Darcey is suspicious of the Baroness, but Philip's defensive response to his warnings is to fire him. After a night of drinking, the Baroness steals Philip's keys and takes her men to the factory, where they plant bombs. Darcey follows them and tries to put a halt to their activities. They tie him up, but after they leave, he rolls over to a saw and frees himself. He manages to stomp out all the fuses except one, which explodes. The Bentons arrive, as do the police, and Darcey is accused of being in league with the spies. But the night watchman has seen everything and returns with the real bad guys. It turns out that Darcey didn't kill Burns after all, so he is a free man. He is given a better job at the factory, and the humbled Philip reconciles with Grace.