Red Virgin (1915)

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Lubin's weekly three-reel release for the week of September 24, 1915 was the Ruritanian drama The Red Virgin. Slated to marry a woman he does not love, a European crown prince escapes to America, where he secretly weds a pretty "commoner." Inasmuch as his country will be forced to go to war because he did not go through with his pre-arranged marriage, the Prince is talked into reconsidering. Overhearing this, his pregnant American wife tearfully writes a farewell note and leaps off a cliff. Though the Prince assumes that his wife is dead, she has in fact been rescued by a passerby. Eventually, the young woman dies, but her baby survives. Twenty years later, the child has matured into a beautiful woman, albeit one who has been conditioned to hate all men. She becomes a popular actress, ultimately embarking on a world tour. Not surprisingly, this brings her into close contact with her father, who is now the King of his country, and her half-brother, the new Crown Prince. Determining to avenge her mother's ruination, the girl sets about to destroy the Prince's life by involving him in a robbery. But at the last moment she relents, whereupon she is invited to spend the rest of her life as an honored guest in her father's palace.