Reclamation (1916)

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John Phelan (Dick delaReno) is a greedy California landowner who is embroiled in a dispute with an association of small ranchers headed by Gordon MacLeod (Clarence Burton). Phelan's attorney is the brilliant Robert Powell (Franklyn Ritchie), but he's not brilliant enough to realize that his secretary, Louise (Winnifred Greenwood), is MacLeod 's daughter. Because of her position she is able to give her father valuable information that helps the ranchers win their suit. Finally the girl 'fesses up to her involvement with the ranchers, and convinces Powell that they are in the right. Phelan proves his wicked nature by plotting to dynamite the river, thus diverting water away from the ranchers and onto his land. But Powell and Louise rush to the river and pull the fuse out of the bomb. As soon as things have settled down amongst the ranchers, Powell and Louise get married.