Received Payment (1922)

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Corinne Griffith stars in this standard programmer. Ceilia Hughes (Griffith) is an ambitious chorus girl who has just returned to New York from a tour. Her father, Andrew Ferris (Charles Hammond) works as a butler for the elderly Daniel Milton (David Torrance). Looking back on his life, Milton is unhappy at his treatment of his wayward daughter and he wants to track down his grandchild to make amends. This dilemma weighs so heavily on him that Ferris decides to tell Ceilia that she is actually Milton's granddaughter. So Ceilia gives up a lucrative contract to take her place in the Milton household. When she finds out that she's not really related to Milton, however, she decides to return to the stage. On opening night, Ferris is fatally wounded in a shooting in the audience and before he dies, he confesses his part in the ruse to Milton. But Milton has come to love Ceilia like one of the family anyhow and he promises Ferris that he will take care of the girl. A curiou! s bit of trivia: the character of Ceilia's sweetheart (played by Kenneth Harlan is named Cary Grant!