Rebellious Bride (1919)

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Peggy Hyland stars as feisty Cynthy Quimby, who lives in a log cabin with her grandfather (George Nichols). Grandpa has decided that Cynthy should marry the village schoolteacher, a bald-headed and unappealing character. Cynthy will have none of this and gets herself mixed up with the town's madman. Grandpa, at his wit's end, insists that she must marry the next man who comes along. When the unsuspecting Arthur Calloway (Pell Trenton) finds himself, and his plane, stranded nearby, he winds up at the center of a shotgun wedding. His marriage to Cynthy starts off predictably -- she locks him up in her old room and refuses to have anything to do with him. But Calloway spends his days romancing her and his nights sneaking through the roof so he can work on his plane. When he is falsely accused of setting the village store on fire, Cynthy comes to his defense, so he is clearly starting to grow on her. His plane finally fixed, Calloway flies off, and Cynthy follows him to his home.