Rasputin, the Black Monk (1917)

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Unlike The Fall of the Romanoffs, which was released at about the same time, this telling of the overthrow of the Russian autocracy plays fast and loose with the facts (rather odd, since in 1917, this was a current event creating daily newspaper headlines). The Russian Revolution according to World Films features Rasputin (Montagu Love) betraying a band of revolutionaries so he can weasel his way into the court of the Czar (Hubert Wilke). Rodin (Arthur Ashley, who also directed), the head of the revolutionaries, has a daughter, Ilda (Lillian Cook), who makes an attempt on Rasputin's life, but is caught. However, the Black Monk roused the ire of Prince Felix (Irving Cummings) when he insulted his wife (Pinna Nesbit). So the Prince traps Rasputin and forces him to release Ilda. He is about to let him go when Rodin, who has escaped from prison, barges in and assassinates the monk. Without Rasputin's council, the Czar loses all confidence and abdicates. E. Richard Schayer was the screenwriter who came up with this piece of fiction.