Puppets of Fate (1921)

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Viola Dana, usually known for her flapper roles in light comedies, takes a turn for the dramatic here. Gabriel Palombra (Francis McDonald) leaves his wife, Sorrentina (Dana), home in Italy and travels to New York to make his fortune. When time passes and Sorrentina doesn't hear from him, she too leaves for the States. Gabriel hasn't written because he's been having a difficult time finding work. Then, when he gets a job in a barber shop, he is lured into the clutches of the wily manicurist, who helps him win a fortune at the races and tricks him into marrying her. Sorrentina finds a job as a flower girl in a cabaret and she and Gabriel finally find each other. Gabriel is arrested for bigamy, but a kindly judge releases him into the custody of Sorrentina.



family-member, peasant, search