Pulse of Life (1917)

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Serrani (Wedgewood Nowell) brings Lisetta, an Italian girl (Gipsey Harte) to America but soon tires of her. She finds work in a sleazy club as a dancer, where she meets an artist, Graham (Millard K. Wilson). He hires her as a model and promptly falls in love with her, causing him to neglect his fiancee, Molly (Molly Malone). Lisetta tells Graham about Serrani and he angrily threatens to kill him unless he marries her. But Lisetta's brother Domenic (Nicholas Duunaew) gets to Serrani first and murders him. Circumstances point to Graham as the killer and he is tried and convicted. Graham is on his way to the electric chair when Domenic comes forth and confesses. Lisetta goes back home to Italy, where hopefully she'll cause a lot less trouble, and Graham returns to Molly.